Community letters show support for BotEco Center in Marquette

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The non-profit group trying to transform the abandoned Ore Dock in Marquette has seen some great support from the community recently. The BotEco Center would repurpose downtown Marquette's Ore Dock and transform it into a green-space filled with gardens and performance spaces.

They've applied for grants and included letters of support from about 40 community members. The board president for the BotEco Center says the project is really about turning the Ore Dock into the people's dock.

"It's beautiful to see how important this dock is to them, some of the common denominators I see in these letters are that access to this dock is going to be such a multi-generational thing, and it's something for families and friends who are from this area or they're visiting," said BotEco Center Board President, Gisele Duehring.

One of the grants could be awarded this summer. The BotEco Center board is also exploring fundraising efforts for the project.

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