Community celebrates Corpus Christi Sunday

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Church members from St. Peter Catherdral and St. Michael Church walked the streets of Marquette on Sunday to honor a special celebration.

In honor of Corpus Christi Sunday, catholic dioceses from around the world processed their city's streets.

"Corpus Christi is Latin for the body of Christ, so we're literally in procession with the body of Christ in His Eucharistic presence,” explained Jim Dowling, who is a member of St. Peter Cathedral.

During this feast day, church members and leaders profess their faith to the world.

"It's very much a celebration of our joy that we have our Lord with us in the Eucharist, and we take that joy to the streets, so to speak, in a very public witness of our faith and the recognition that Jesus is with us and walks with us every day,” said Dowling.

Sunday's procession in Marquette occurred around noon on Fourth Street.

Church leaders and members slowly walked outside of St. Peter Cathedral on Baraga to begin their one-mile journey to St. Michael church on West Kaye Avenue for dinner and other activities.

Along the way, families and friends sang songs and stopped to hear several scripture readings.

"To be a part of a parish and a church that is so focused on showing what we're about I think that is very important in giving our witness, so just be able to be a part of that is a privilege,” said Hattie Fowley, an Assistant Editor for UP Catholic Newspaper.

Fowley was one of many who marched on Sunday. She hopes this experience will impact the community in a meaningful way.

"I just hope that it touches something in their hearts,” she explained. “I hope that they see these people who are willing to process the streets of Marquette and go "What is it that they have?" What is it that gives them that desire to give public witness of their faith?" I hope that touches their heart in some way."

Both churches thank the community for allowing them to share this special moment.