Cold Iron Brewing opens in far western UP

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IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) - The City of Ironwood is giving revitalization to downtown, by bringing in additional local businesses. Cold Iron Brewing is a new venue on the block, that’s creating an environment to help bring in more money to the area.

“An atmosphere with a lot of people and a lot of people who enjoy good beer and that has been a driving force,” Cold Iron Brewing Co-Owner John Garske said. “The quality of the beer and the need for that type of a thing in our area."

Talks of the brewery started two years ago. The business is in a building dating back to 1967, with polished and authentic wood furniture and bar.

“It’s kind of the theme and feel that you get from a lot of breweries, but it's also very unique in the sense that there's some history to this building,” Cold Iron Brewing Co-Owner Tom Bergman said. “It's unique that it was built as the Ottawa National Forest office."

From light and dark, to IPA’s, Cold Iron has four beers to choose from that are all made in-house.

"It's three barrels so six kegs of beer,” Bergman said. “Everything is real small batch so that we can rotate through lots of recipes and try new things and find out what people really like."

The business owners mentioned that they not only want to sell good tasting beers, but provide those with a great experience in Cold Iron Brewing and in downtown Ironwood.

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