Clinton, Trump mostly campaigning in swing states

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The Republican Convention was in Ohio. The Democrats gathered in Pennsylvania. In the month since, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton returned to both to campaign there.

Trump’s thrown in other stops in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia, while Clinton’s visited Florida, Iowa, and Nevada. Notice a theme? They’re all swing states.

“I think what we’re looking for is the most efficient way to get to 270 electoral votes. There are some key voters we need to reach in states like Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Colorado," explained Lily Adams, director of state communications for Hillary for America.

As for the Trump campaign, we reached out several times to speak with them about their strategy but never got a response.

Beatriz Cuartas, deputy director of George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management, filled in some of the blanks.

“I think the Clinton campaign has had a very clear strategy from the very beginning – your traditional campaign for this kind of election, go to the battlegrounds," explained Cuartas. "But because the Trump campaign has switched the dynamics a little with this new team…they’re going to try to bring in new issues everyday.”

Cuartas doesn’t think Trump will stick to only swing states. In fact, he’ll be in Texas on Tuesday and Mississippi on Wednesday – both solid red states.

“They’re going to go straight out for the vote that they haven’t been able to garner thus far in the polls," she said.

Those polls show Trump four points behind Clinton in Ohio, two points in Nevada, and tied in Iowa.

“That doesn’t mean she’s going to win," said Cuartas. "She still has a fight ahead of her going into November. Clinton has to work really hard at this, because clearly, Mr. Trump is going to do that too.”

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