Classic board game gets Escanaba twist

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - A classic board game will be taking on a local look thanks to an Escanaba entrepreneur.

Kelly Tovar is with 906 Events of Escanaba and she’s looking to release a version of Monopoly that features local businesses and institutions. Escanaba-opoly is played exactly like the original game, but instead of buying properties in Atlantic City, players will be able to buy streets and businesses with more familiar names.

Tovar is also running a photo contest on the game’s Facebook page to select artwork to be used in the game.

“Because it is limited edition, there are limited spaces and we will have a limited number of the board games actually available, so we're hoping to make it a pretty big event,” said Tovar.

For more information on getting your business in the game, check out the sites in the Related Links section of this story.

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