City of Marquette water utility rates increase

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Water utility rates will increase this month as a part of the City of Marquette’s five-year financial plan.

After examining utilities, infrastructure, and conducting a detailed analysis of assets, the Municipal Utilities Department has increased rates to keep a balanced budget.

The average Marquette residential customer can expect to see an increase of $16.78 per month in utilities, which will cover water, sewer, and storm water.

Director of Municipal Utilities, Curt Goodman, asked, "What really do we need to do to protect the water, the sewer, and eventually take care of your investment?"

These projected rates will result in additional $2,096,000 in revenues for the water, sewer, and storm water utility funds.

The city of Marquette recommends that businesses with higher water usage to look into water conservation techniques to keep costs down.

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