City of Ishpeming Public Works, residents digging out of snowstorm

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 5:03 PM EST
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With one of Marquette County's biggest snowfalls of the season happening in the last 24 hours, many were out plowing, shoveling, and snow blowing.

City of Ishpeming Public Works Department was one of those organizations, out in the thick of it Tuesday morning, as a majority of the snow fell late Monday evening.

"Well we had the crews out at 1 a.m. last night, plowed all night. It really snowed hard from four until five, so we'll be out scraping the majors again," says Carl Petersen, Interim Director of City of Ishpeming Public Works Department.

Ishpeming received about nine and a half inches as of Tuesday morning, so with that kind of storm, it's all hands on deck for the 16 Public Works' employees. The crew uses eight snow plows, four loaders and a couple pickup trucks each time they go out. They went out again around 10:30 a.m. to do another round of plowing throughout the whole city of Ishpeming, trying to keep the roads clear while people are still out.

"Plowing during the day isn't easy to do, so keep an eye out for the plows," reminds Petersen.

But the plows weren't the only things digging through the snow, many people were out shoveling and snow blowing as well, using their day off of school or work to dig themselves out of the storm.

"When I came out here, I had no stairs, it was completely covered in snow," laughs Desirae Fernandes, a student at Ishpeming High School.

"I thought we’d be all right, you know. They always say 11-18 inches and we only get four or five, but I woke up this morning and there was like 2 and a half feet of snow on my doorstep! I'm like 'Ughhh,' so I bust out the old winter gear and get out here and shovel," says Joey Lajeunesse, an Ishpeming construction worker.

Despite all the shoveling, Lajeunesse still enjoys the snow. "I can't wait for more snow to come, I can hold off on the shoveling, but I like to do sledding and stuff," he says.

And as the snow keeps accumulating, Department of Public Works has plans to be out again Wednesday morning starting at 1 a.m.