The Center for Michigan comes to Marquette

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A Community Conversation was held Thursday morning at the Ramada Inn.

Several important issues across the state were brought to light regarding restoring public trust in local government.

The Center for Michigan is a non-partisan group that returned to the U.P. Thursday. The organization holds 150 meetings throughout the entire year.

"The discussion has been around some different economic development issues," said Director of Marketing Betsy Morais. "I know one of the years it focused on talents and the availability of job and workforce in our area. Every year, they have a new theme that they discuss at their meetings."

This year the goal was to collect resident's feedback on restoring the public trust in local government. They did this through two ways. First by asking a series of clicker questions which gave participants the opportunity to give feedback in a quantitative manner. The following part was a qualitative discussion, where they could speak openly on concerning issues.

"So the beautiful thing about the qualitative portion of our section, you can really get into the nitty gritty details of what's happening in the Upper Peninsula, the Lower Peninsula, or even as specific as any city in the state," said Center for Michigan Coordinator Hailey Zureich.

Nearly 30 people from Marquette County participated in the Community Conversation. An interesting strategy for the Center for Michigan when conducting questions was to limit their responses to 4 choices. Therefore, participants were forced to choose a side.

They did this in order to gain unbiased results since most people choose the middle answer. The Center for Michigan ultimately hopes to mend the relationship between local residents and local government by removing some barriers.

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