Caring House's Forensic Interview room helps provide some relief to victims of abuse

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Caring House in Iron Mountain is making it a little easier for victims of abuse to tell their stories to law enforcement.

Thanks to a $2,500 grant by Superior Health Foundation, Caring House was able to purchase the necessary supplies for a Forensic Interview room, camera, furniture and recording equipment. This room allows victims to only have to tell their stories once in most cases, making it less traumatizing for the individuals. Law enforcement and child protective services have access to the room at any time through a code system, making it much easier to help the victims get through their experiences easier.

"When we were looking at this as a community to best help victims, law enforcement thought it would be best to do it at a victim service agency like Caring House, so if they're interviewing the victim and there's trauma obviously that there is an advocate available immediately to help them through the trauma," says Cheryl O'Neil, Executive Director of Caring House.

Tuesday was the first day these services became available. Law enforcement is currently undergoing training on protocol and how to use the equipment.