Caregivers: Our Unsung Heroes

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 4:39 PM EDT
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Caregivers aren't directly on the frontlines battling the virus, but they're providing meaning to others in their commitment to service.

"They are unsung heroes. They are angels on Earth,” said Caregiver Incentive Project Founder and President, Eric Paad.

Paad believes they too deserve recognition for their service.

"These people leave their homes to go into other homes and to go into long-term care facilities to care for other loved ones,” he said.

Before the virus, Paad says caregivers already experienced challenges.

"There isn't any additional help to call and ask to come in because there's not enough to take care of the need already.”

Now with the virus, it not only makes these healthcare professionals' jobs even more difficult, but also the families who need caregivers' service.

"We have one less caregiver now so that puts most of the load back on her mom and dad here,” said Paad.

Paad and his wife, Alice, swap shifts to help their 30-year-old daughter, Dorothy, who depends on 24/7 care.

This requires the couple to drive 80 miles roundtrip from their home south of Trenary to their daughter in Marquette.

"Anytime you have a shortage either someone goes without or it's who’s the least sick has to fill in for the other one, now if we have to work 24/7 we'll do that,” explained Paad.

The option to bring their daughter home did cross their minds, but they want their daughter to remain independent and for caregivers to continue working.