Career Exploration Summer Camp held at NMU

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Trade-based professions continue to have more and more available job opportunities, but are often not offered as career options in schools, but on Tuesday, some students had the chance to learn a little about trades programs.

Tuesday was the first day of Northern Michigan University's Career Exploration Summer Camp at their Jacobetti Complex. The camp targets students ranging from 7th through 12th grade.

"It's really just a way for [students] to get a hands on approach to different career paths that are offered here at NMU,” said Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois, Northern Michigan University Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

At the camps, students gain hands-on experience. Options include auto repair, culinary arts, cosmetology, crime scene investigation, welding and forestry.

"We want them to get in there, see if it's something they are comfortable with, and maybe something that they can continue on with in school when they are done with high school,” Zadroga-Langlois continued.

With half-day and full-day camp options available, students get to explore their interests with guidance from NMU faculty and professionals from around the community.

"We are going to talk about the career, the opportunities, the employment opportunities, and the type of work they will get to do,” explained Daryl Kobie, Northern Michigan University Professor of Technology and Occupational Sciences.

Students could also get a chance at training in a field they have never tried before.

"It's hard to know if you are going to be a welder if you have never So we want [students] to be able to try it and see if it’s something that, after talking to the instructors, asking questions, trying it out, maybe it's something that they didn't think they would like, but they actually feel comfortable doing it,” said Zadroga-Langlois.

"We're always interested in helping people figure out what it is they might want to do and we are encouraging them to learn a little bit about it,” said Kobie.

The camps will take place July 9-11 and July 17-19, and vary in price depending on the program. However, scholarships are available.

If your child is interested in signing up for Career Exploration Summer Camp, click here.

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