Car theft in Ishpeming on Saturday

Published: Apr. 16, 2019 at 12:31 PM EDT
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An unfortunate situation occurred this past Saturday at UPtown gifts in Ishpeming.

After the grand opening event, the co-owner, Robin Vande Zande, left her car doors unlocked with her purse and all the money inside. When she came back, she realized it was gone.

She eventually found her purse, but she wasn't able to find the money.

Since the car theft, the community has supported them, and they are thankful. But they, along with the Marquette Police Department, hope people will see this as a warning.

"We forget that we have a bad apple in the bunch every so often, and so we get a sense of false security, and I just want everybody to know to lock their doors whether you're at home and you're only going to be five, 10 minutes, lock your doors, because unfortunately, things like this happen, and whoever took it... it hurts,” said Vande Zande.

"As the temperature rises, car thefts go up, so it's important that people lock their doors keep valuables out of their cars at all times. The car thieves are opportunists, they go by a car, try the car door if it opens they go in, and grab what they can,” said Detective Sergeant Doug Heslip, Marquette Police Department.

The Marquette Police Department advise people again to lock their doors every time.

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