Car parade held to support Norlite Nursing Center residents

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - "If we cannot bring them to the community, we can bring the community to them and let them see the support that the community of Marquette has for them."

That's the message behind a car parade, held at Norlite Nursing Center Wednesday to show support for residents who have been quarantined for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Any emotional support our residents can get right now, they need it. To me, they're the ones who have been hit the hardest by this whole pandemic,” added Norlite Nursing Center Activities Director, Amy Fraley.

Decorated with signs and more, cars were backed up all the way to McClellan Avenue, eager to participate in the parade.

"We get to go home at the end of our shift, but the residents are here. This is just one way that the community, I feel, really showed their support to our residents,” Fraley said regarding the large turnout.

Families and community members waved to the residents who happily looked on from their rooms.

Fraley says for the residents to just be able to see their family members and friends, even if it's through a window, makes a huge difference in helping the residents stay positive.

"It's very emotional. They were just so thankful that they could come out today and do this,” Fraley said.

Community members and volunteer organizations are encouraged to interact with residents through window visits. For more information, or to coordinate with Norlite for an activity, call 906-228-9252 or send a message through the Norlite Nursing Center Facebook page.

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