Canoe building demonstration held for community

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Tuesday, the Marquette Regional History Center hosted a special hands-on learning opportunity through a community foundation grant.

Two local artists taught students and community members how to build a birch bark canoe in their gathering hall.

For the first part, visitors sat through a presentation to learn the skills needed to put a canoe together.

Then they put their knowledge to the test through a demonstration.

"It’s a great way to think about how our region get settled,” said Marquette Regional History Center Educator Betsy Rutz. “We didn't have roads at first, everyone traveled by water and the canoe design has stayed the same for hundreds and hundreds of years, so this canoe design is really a monument to our community and our region.”

On Wednesday, the museum will have an open house for people to talk to the artists and learn about canoe building.

The event is free to the public so they encourage people to attend.