Calumet boy competes in the National Spelling Bee

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NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (Gray DC) -- A Calumet boy has been eliminated from the Scripps National Spelling Bee, but he performed well Wednesday, spelling two words correctly in the preliminaries.

12-year-old Zander Worm was one of 285 student spellers from across the country who made it to this annual competition outside our nation’s capital.

“It’s almost comfortable being here again," said Zander, who already has one national spelling bee under his belt. "I know what I’m doing a little more. It’s not trying to rush around. You kind of know what’s going on. A lot less nerve-wracking.”

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t prepare.

“I did a lot of studying with my mom. She spent a lot of time with me. We went over multiple lists, certain theories about where words come from," explained Zander.

“The excitement is still very fresh, and we’re on the edge of our seats watching him," said Zander's dad, Jeremy, who couldn’t be prouder of his son. "It’s a life-long experience for the whole family – for Zander and the rest of us. Very few people get the chance to come here.”

When asked what his takeaway from this experience will be, Zander answered, "Hard work pays off!”

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