Call for Artists

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Artists from around Marquette came together for coffee and a casual conversation assessing the needs of local artists - specifically those who aren’t establish yet or have limited access to creation outlets. All artists of different styles, mediums, and levels are welcomed at the meetings.

Today, they discussed developing a community art space. The goal for the group is to have different art organizations from around Marquette to be able to come together and have a shared space.

It’s important for beginning, and established artists, to have a place to create, show, and sell their art, while being surrounded by other artists in the community.

"Marquette is a growing community and for a growing community we need arts here to build it. And right now artists are leaving the community in order to supply themselves with what they need to make their work or just to live,” said organizer, Taylor Sirard.

Meetings in April and May are every Sunday from 2-4. For more information, click here.