Busy weekend for the Marquette Police Department

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Wrapping up the Fourth of July weekend, the Marquette Police Department (MPD) had their hands full.

Officers issued numerous citations, covered multiple accidents–but they were ready. The MPD increased staffing levels and briefed officers on situations that could have arisen during the Fourth–specifically covering issues with fireworks, parking and alcohol.

The Marquette Police Department Chief of Police, Blake Rieboldt, said while they had lots of calls to service this weekend, the officers did a great job responding.

"As most people are aware, it was very busy here in the City of Marquette on the Fourth of July. We had a lot going on. There was a lot of action, there was a lot of calls for service. Our officers responded to numerous incidents throughout the city and throughout the Fourth of July,” Chief Rieboldt said.

One of the issues the police dealt with this weekend was parking.

The City of Marquette recently passed an ordinance regarding parking on Presque Isle that prohibits parking off the side of the road and only allows parking in designated areas. Around 60 tickets were written over the weekend for parking. Patrolling in the Presque Isle area has also increased.

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