Busy season for engagement ring shopping in Marquette

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Jewelers in Marquette say they've been extremely busy this holiday season when it comes to selling engagement rings.

"It's been a lot busier, we always expect more people during the holidays, and with Black Friday it was one of our busy engagement days,” said Sales Associate Maggie Richardson.

"It started out very, very busy for us. It's always hard to predict when it's going to be the busiest of course but there's been a lot of rushes for engagement rings lately, I think a lot of people like the holiday proposal,” said Sales Manager Lacee J. Hartzell.

They've also noticed a trend in the types of engagements rings people are choosing as well.

"For quite a few years, it's been yellow gold, but lately the trends have been tending more towards white gold and rose gold, and I think as it gets more exposure with Pinterest and all the internet places you can look at things, the more exposure it gets, the more popular it becomes,” said Hartzell.

Additionally, with social media on the rise, jewelers say people are becoming more creative with proposals.

"I think recently social media has played a big part because people want the video or the picture and they want to be able to capture the moment, and I feel like technology has really helped bump that up for them,” said Richardson.

But jewelers say what makes their job truly amazing is that they're able to be a part of this special moment for so many people.

"It's such like a good, special moment. It's almost like nerve-wracking because you're making such a big impact even though it's them designing your ring. You're able to be a part of their moment and make it special for them and unique,” said Richardson.

"It's so fun to see when you get the exact right piece that someone's looking for and their eyes just light up and they're super excited about it and they know that that's the right piece for them and then for their fiancée,” said Hartzell.

Now, both jewelry companies do have payment options available for its customers. If interested, they invite people to come in or give a call to figure out what works best for them.

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