Budget proposal could cut funding for Great Lakes programs

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WASHINGTON DC (WLUC) - Senator Debbie Stabenow is weighing in on President Trump's budget proposal. She opposes the funding cut for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The proposal would cut funding for the program by 90 percent from $300 million down to $30 million. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative works to prevent invasive species, stop runoff, and cleanup pollution. Senator Stabenow says she was stunned by the proposal.

"They do not get what the Great Lakes are all about they call it a local issue I reminded him this is two countries and eight states and 40 million people get their drinking water from the Great Lakes and all of the pieces to our economy," Stabenow said.

The proposal is far from a done deal. Stabenow says she'll continue to work on getting a bi-partisan group together to keep funding for the Great Lakes.