Body language is stated to make a difference in the workforce

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) High school girls from across the nation are learning engineering skills at Michigan Tech.

On Monday night, students received a lesson on more than just their education.

More than 100 students listened to a professional body language trainer.

She discussed how positive body language can have an influence on employers, including hand gestures, and standing or sitting up straight as it increases credibility, confidence and proof of an attention span.

She says these tips will help students stand out in the workforce.

"I learned a little bit about what it takes to get into this camp and when you think about what these girls have in brain horse power, if we can add to that, the skills that they need to communicate their ideas effectively, they can do anything," said Allie Irwin.

Students will be on Michigan Tech's campus for the rest of the week.

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