Body found in Lake Superior identified

Published: Nov. 21, 2017 at 2:20 PM EST
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Robert Anderson was one of the two people swept off Black Rocks by the massive waves on Tuesday, October 24.

The other person believed to be with him on that day, Sarah Hall, has yet to be located.

The Body of Robert Anderson was finally found in Lake Superior about 200 yards south of Lower Harbor Ore Dock.

Marquette City Police has used the last four days since to confirm it was Anderson with thorough medical investigation.

"The longer somebody has been in the water, certainly there are factors that come into play and just the fact they have been exposed to cold water for that period of time, it can make it hard for us to immediately visually identify someone," said Detective Captain Mike Kohler of the Marquette City Police.

The family of Robert Anderson did reach out to TV6 and said, "We are blessed that the he was found as quickly as he did. We were preparing ourselves with the inevitable."

The family said Tuesday's identification also brought closure, something they hope 37-year old Sarah Hall's family can receive soon.

"It's nice for family members to finally get that closure," said Kohler. "Part of them doesn't want to hear that you've confirmed it, but part of them was also relieved because there is that sense of closure. Certainly we hope to be able to that with the other family as well."

The search for Sarah Hall, who was friends with Anderson, will continue, even in the colder weather.

"We will continue to monitor the shorelines of the city of Marquette for her," said Kohler. "The coast guard still has a boat in the water so we are very much monitoring the situation, ready to take action when it presents itself."

Robert Anderson's family will hold a memorial service this Saturday. The family hopes to use this time to remember what an adventurer Anderson was. They said when he went missing during the storm, he was doing what he loved.

UPDATE: 6:30 p.m. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Marquette Police Department identified the body recovered from Lake Superior on Friday as 53-year-old Robert Anderson of Iron River.

At approximately 9:03 A.M on November 17th, police responded to a call of a body in the water of Lake Superior 200 yards south of the Lower Harbor Ore Dock.

Anderson was one of the two people swept off of Black Rocks in late October.

37-year-old Sarah Hall, who was believed to be with Anderson that day, has not yet been located.