Boards decide on Kulbertis discipline

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Tuesday night the Rapid River and Gladstone school boards met in closed session for just under an hour before they presented a resolution detailing disciplinary action against Superintendent Jay Kulbertis.

After the meeting Kulbertis was apologetic and sounded ready to work on the problems that surfaced over the past few weeks.

"t'll be nice to get some closure and I'm aware enough to know that this will take a few weeks for us to work out some of the details. I feel terrible for the students and families that were counting on this program. I apologize to them for letting them down. We were trying to run the program the way that we thought was best for kids but really put us at odds with the department."

Over the course of several recent meetings, the boards of both schools have become aware of the breadth and scope of the activity on the part of Superintendent Kulbertis that lead to the loss of the programs.

Linda Howlett is Gladstone's board president and she read from the document that detailed the events the board took into consideration.

"As a result of Dr. Kulbertis failure to follow the early / middle college rules and regulations, on January 18, 2018 the Michigan Department of Education directed that the early / middle college program be discontinued."

There was also some comment on the schools loss of over 40 full time equivalents due to pupil accounting issues regarding a virtual academy.

"Doctor Kulbertis has failed to provide appropriate oversight and appropriate supervision over other innovative programs resulting in a significant loss of state funding to the district."

Howlett then read the board resolution detailing actions to be taken against Kulbertis.

"Issue a letter of reprimand to Dr. Kulbertis based on the misconduct described in this resolution."

Other conditions included in the resolution are the implementation of an action plan to improves Kulbertis's accountability as well as the fact that Kulbertis will forego his contractual 4% raise this year.

"I'm not gonna tell anyone that I don't look for a loophole, That I don't read the rules and try to find out how to best meet the language of the rule or is there a way around. If someone is saying 'Jay looks for the grey areas.'...I've done that. Now as you can see from the boards, now that operation has to end."

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