Bags and Bins: Waste Management's plan for Marquette's future

Published: Aug. 1, 2017 at 1:44 PM EDT
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After a 6-1 vote by the Marquette City Commission, Waste Management was awarded a seven year contract for residential curbside pickup. Locally-owned North Country Disposal won the bid for waste disposal of city facilities and special collections.

"It went back and forth for a very long time and inevitability they chose us," said Jeremy Nelson, the route manager for Waste Management. "We think that’s the best option for the residents."

Waste Management’s new hybrid contract will allow residents a choice between bins or bags for their pick up. The $1.50 price for bags will remain the same but the fee for the bins is yet to be determined.

"Whatever you choose it will be cheaper than what you are paying now," said Nelson.

$117 cheaper each year to be exact.

However the bags and bins option won’t be available until October 1.

"We have now until then to figure out the very specifics of the contract," said Nelson. "We will be working with the city, the city will probably put out some information letting residents know how and when to choose. Then the totes will be ordered and the bag option will still be there through it all."

The bin option will include a 64 gallon garbage tote and 96 recycling bin. The sizes can be increased for additional fees. These new bins will not affect to collection times for now.

"The collection nights will still be the same," said Nelson. "If the whole city eventually does move over to a carted system we might have to add a fifth night."

By the council choosing Waste Management, Marquette County will benefit by keeping the recycling local as Marquette accounts for 52% of the county’s landfill.

"We are so glad the city chose to keep it local," said Waste County. "You see Waste Management and you think of a big company but we are all local employees here, you know we pay our taxes here so we are very happy to be working with the city."

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