Big changes ahead for Marquette Mountain

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 4:28 PM EST
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Marquette Mountain's new general manager has been in the position for one week. Since writing a letter to the community that addressed citizens’ worries of the mountain, he has made some changes, and plans on making even bigger changes before next season.

"I was a member of the community before I was hired here, first and foremost, so I wanted to make sure I addressed the way people were feeling. I was feeling that as well, and it was a little disheartening to see what our ski hill was kind of becoming. We all know what it can be, and that was the really frustrating part," said new General Manager, Andrew Farron.

One of the biggest problems Farron has faced as the new manager has been the mountain's snow-making system.

"We were struggling most of the season with making our snow-making goals and getting the hill built out. We're also dealing with an old infrastructure system in the hill, the snow-making, the water system basically, that we're replacing this coming summer. So we're dealing with challenges and problems that would surface as we were trying to make snow and get the hill up and running," says Mountain Operations Manager, Kristian Saile.

Small changes, such as bringing the ‘T-Bar’ name back have been made, but Farron says there are even bigger changes planned.

"The mountain biking is going to be another big thing that we are going to be promoting. That's something that we've tried in the past here at the ski hill. It hasn't really caught on for one reason or another, so we're really hoping that we can kick things off with a really good plan," says Farron.

Farron adds that he has received overwhelming community support since becoming the new general manager, and that he and the staff at Marquette Mountain hope to create 'focus groups' to involve the community in upcoming projects.

More information on Marquette Mountain and their future plans can be found on their Facebook page, linked in the related links section of this story.

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