Delegates mount last-minute effort to nominate Bernie Sanders

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PHILADELPHIA (Gray DC) The kick off to the Democratic National Convention didn't go quite as expected after the resignation of DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Controversy now surrounding Bernie Sanders supporters who are mounting a last minute effort to nominate the Vermont Senator.

The Convention theme on Monday is united together. Although, the division within the North Dakota Democratic party is clear. Thirteen of the state's 18 delegates are backing Sanders. The massive email leak showing DNC staffers favored Hillary Clinton during the primary only adds fuel to the fire for delegate Jamie Stewart.

“I am disappointed that democracy itself has not played out the way it should of been," Stewart said. "The DNC had said early on that they were an impartial party, it seems as though the impartiality hasn't happened."

On Monday, volunteers with the Sanders campaign are taking one last stand, gathering signatures for a petition calling on the DNC to do a roll call vote ensuring the most accurate count of delegates.

Sanders could release his delegates to Clinton just as she released hers to Barack Obama in 2008. Even if he does, some in the North Dakota delegation say they won’t switch their votes

"Being that I was sent here as a Bernie delegate and that I have been a grass roots organizer through the whole primary season for Bernie. I will be voting for Senator Bernie Sanders because that is what I was sent down here to do," Stewart said.

That effort is not sitting well with many Clinton supporters like Becky Ronkowski.

"I was quite surprised to have someone stand up and say here's a petition, we want to have Bernie nominated as our candidate," Ronkowski said. "It just isn't the time for that. This convention needs to be about unity."

All eyes will be on Bernie Sanders as he addresses the DNC following months of bruising competition with Clinton.

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