Bergman, Dianda offer assistance to Houghton County

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Governor Rick Snyder officially declared a state of disaster for Houghton and Menominee Counties Monday, June 18. The declaration comes during beginning cleanup of widespread flood damage in both counties. The declaration gives state and federal government room to step in and assist.

State Representative Scott Dianda arrived in the area Sunday, June 17.

"I really appreciate everybody out there trying to help and assist in the cleanup. Also, please go and check on your neighbors. We've got a lot of senior citizens, a lot of veterans that are out there. Just check on them. Make sure they've got food, water and they've got access to healthcare," said Dianda.

U.S. Representative Jack Bergman arrived in Houghton Monday afternoon, June 18 to assess local damage.

"The priorities are number one: keep the people safe, number two: keep the people informed, number three: get all the agencies that are involved coordinated in their efforts to make sure everybody knows who has responsibility for what," said U.S. Congressmen Jack Bergman.

Bergman attended briefings with local agencies throughout the day. Tomorrow he will visit Menominee, then head back to Washington D.C. to organize federal support.

"Let’s face it, we're Yoopers. We're resilient. We're going to get out and take action as necessary until we're relieved by a higher authority," said Bergman.

From federal level to the local level, all officials have the same first priority.

"Well, life and limb come first. That is the first and foremost. We have to make sure our community is safe. Second are roadways. Which ones have washed out? Which ones are travelable? We will have engineers out there looking at that situation. We might have unsafe buildings out there, throughout the county," said Lt. Nick Roberts of Houghton City Police.

A list of local disaster relief funds and locations accepting donations are on our website. Stay tuned to TV6 for ongoing cleanup and relief effort updates.