Beau LaFave visits Escanaba's Mammoth Granite

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - State Representative Beau LaFave spent his morning at Escanaba's Mammoth Granite learning what it takes to turn a thousand pounds of granite into a great looking counter top.

Representative LaFave was there as part of his new initiative called Beau's "LaFavorite" jobs. Beau want to do job shadowing across his district and learn about the problems hindering Upper Peninsula small businesses.

Matt and Julie Hoffmeyer are the owners of Mammoth Granite and they told LaFave about issues with vehicle licensing and crossing state lines for necessary supplies.

"If you've got a pick up truck and you've just got to go pick up some material from down in Wisconsin and bring it back, we've got some federal rules against that and some state issues with that so were going to go back and talk with the Department of Transportation and see if we can ease some of those regulatory burdens."

If you have a job that could be one of Beau's LaFavorites, contact his office and tell them about it. You can use the Facebook link on this page to contact his office.

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