Bay College saves students close to $1M on textbooks

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Since 2016, Bay de Noc College has saved students almost $1 million on textbooks through Open Educational Resources.

"They are textbooks that are free online. You can view them, you can download a PDF, and have it on your computer or you can view it free online,” said Samantha Henderson, a third-year student at Bay College in Escanaba.

Students also have the option to pay $40 or less in the bookstore.

"I've taken two classes that have OER textbooks, and it has saved me $100 a textbook,” explained Henderson.

This totaled out to $200 saved for Henderson.

"Yes having textbooks required is very important, but then I've had classes where we've only opened a textbook three to four times a semester, so it's nice to see that the faculty cares, and that they know maybe we don't need it as much, but now they're trying to make it free us as students."

OER Executive Director, Joseph Mold, says, on average, this resource has saved $100 per student per class, who is using the program.

"That's very significant for a small community college, and that's why we need as much support we can from the community, because we are your community college and this is one of the things we're doing to help our students be successful,” he said.

This all started back in 2016 when Bay College received a $100,000 grant from 'Achieving the Dream.’

The school used this money to transform traditional textbooks into Open Educational Resources, which the campus plans to continue doing.

If you're interested in learning more about Open Educational Resources visit their website.

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