Bay College wraps up week of Lego Robotics Camp

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Thursday wrapped up the last day of a Lego Robotics camp for kids AT Bay College.

"They have built the robots, programmed the robots. They have done certain programs because the programming for this robot specifically is pretty difficult,” Campmaster Darren Widder said. “It's a walking robot so it needs to always know where the other leg is in order to make sure that it is always walking and not hopping like a bunny."

"We built it from the legs up and we connected all the cords and we programmed it so it could move," Camper Cecilia Glish said.
Campers are split up into teams to build their robots and then compete against each other on the final day.

"There's three teams. It's going to be like a relay race,” Camper Grace Clishe explained. “We each get three minutes. So three minutes for somebody, then the next person gets three minutes and we want to try to get to the finish."

As exciting as winning a race might be, the camp has larger lessons they hope to get across.

"Being able to teach young minds and help them grow, not just with their programming and building skills but working in a team and troubleshooting,” Widder said. “Doing problem solving and critical thinking, that's what I am hoping to build. Not just the excitement of building and programming."

But the kids are enjoying even just seeing the outcome of what they spent all week building.

"It feels pretty good because then it's like I built it and I can drive it," another camper, Kaiya Davis, told TV6 News.

If you are interested in having a child participate in a camp next year, registration opens June 2019.

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