Bay College students present their knowledge in poster form.

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Bay College students got the chance to post what they know at the 6th annual Poster Symposium.

The event allows students to present an overview of a topic that they have been studying throughout the semester.

Students of several different disciplines were present, everything from physics to child development.

The goal is to get students into the mindset of presenting their work in a public way, something they will be asked to do as their academic career unfolds.

"This is what they're going to be expected to be able to do at the next level, and this gives them a very early start on being comfortable presenting their work in an oral manner and in a written fashion," said Physics Instructor Matt Krynacki.

Over 40 students participated.

Faculty acted as judges and the top three presentations were awarded a cash prize.

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