Bay College hosts career presentation focused on natural resources

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Bay College hosted a presentation on career opportunities in the field of natural resources Thursday.

Organizers say its a great way for young adults to learn more about the many promising careers both with the federal government and private sector agencies.

Hiawatha National Forest Biologist, Micah Reuber, says there are more career paths than ever before.

Reuber offered students advice on how to break into federal employment and how to plan their college career so they can maximize their career choices. Temporary positions, internships and seasonal work are good ways to break into more permanent positions with benefits.

"One of the things that they want to be able to do is to just know that the program exists and how they would qualify within the programs," said Reuber. "Something else is that they can tailor the classes they take or what they take advantage of. Because you can still take that class or that internship opportunity and use that as an exploration opportunity to see if its what you want to do and still be building some credit towards being able to apply as a permanent employee in the future."

Click here for more information on jobs that are available through the federal government.

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