Bay College excited for Governor Whitmer's education plan

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - In Tuesday night's State of the State, Governor Whitmer announced plans for a better future. Part of that is pushing for more people to further their education.

"We have now set a standard in Michigan that we are going to reach by 2030, if not beforehand, to take us from 44% of certificate and skills in our state to 60% by 2030,” Whitmer said. “To do that we're going to create debt free community college for anyone who wants to pursue a community college education."

For those not attending community college, the new scholarships will cover two of the four years at a university.

"Further education will really help all of Michigan growing the economy,” Travis Blume, Bay College’s Vice President of Student Services, told TV6 News. “For standard students and also the nontraditional students here getting retrained or training to begin with to jumpstart their careers."

"We couldn't be more excited,” Bay College’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Matt Barron, said. “The opportunity for students to get debt free two years of college paid for is an amazing opportunity. It fits in exactly with what we want to do to help our students get a degree or certificate."

Getting more people in college is something that bay has been pushing for for years now.

"That's been a focus of Bay College for the better part of two decades, trying to get more students graduated with a certificate or a degree and/or transferring,” Barron said. “So this fits in perfectly with what our President Dr. Coleman has been pushing for."

This scholarship opportunity is expected to start in the fall of 2020.

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