Bark River students get hands on experience making maple syrup

Published: Apr. 16, 2019 at 5:22 PM EDT
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Second graders in Bark River got to see firsthand how maple syrup is made on Tuesday. The Olson Brother's Sugar Bush brought the 48 students on a tour through their facility.

"I try to show them the elementary version of what's going on, the tapping of a tree using a drill,” Olson Brothers’ Sugar Bush Owner, Jeff Olson, said. “ I try to make sure I get them involved and have them help me tap a tree to see the sap coming out of the tap. We also enjoyed going on a nature walk where the kids have an opportunity to truly see and absorb the overall size of our operation."

"This coincides with our Science curriculum,” Teacher Kristy Erickson said. “We learn about nature and what trees need and plants need in order to grow. So it fits in nicely with our curriculum."

Each student had a different favorite part of the day, but they all agree that they learned a lot.

"They had a great time,” Erickson said. “They were pretty in awe at the number of trees that the Sugar Bush has here. They really enjoyed seeing the different lines. They loved the museum. They were really interested in some of the old forms of tapping trees."

The students were given ice cream with maple syrup at the end of their tour.

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