Baraga Communities that Care takes the next step

L'ANSE, Mich. (WLUC) - Baraga County Communities that Care has identified their two focus areas. Baraga CTC identified five risk factors for local youth in a survey last February. Community members chose from that list two priority concerns. The chosen risk factors are depressive symptoms and a low perceived risk of drug use. Baraga CTC now takes the next step in addressing those factors.

"Trying to asses all of the different programs and all of the things that already address those needs in our community and either get behind it and back it harder so that it becomes more well-known in the community or bring in programs that do address those types of symptoms," said Baraga CTC coordinator Carrie Rich.

The CTC's goal is to fill in the gaps where programs are not already in place. They are looking for more volunteers to help them with that goal. More information is available at