Baby boy rescued after falling 8 feet down heating vent in Oregon home

COBURG, Ore. (KVAL/CNN) - An Oregon mother is sharing the terrifying account of the day her 10-month-old boy fell down a heating vent as a reminder to parents to think of even the smallest safety hazards.

Officer Kevin Wilson crawled under the house to rescue 10-month-old Kolson, who had fallen 8 feet down a heating vent. Aside from a few scratches and being very dirty, the baby was completely fine. (Source: Family photos/KVAL/CNN)

Mother Saydie Reedy was doing dishes on Jan. 15 when she realized she hadn’t heard anything from her two sons for two minutes, so she went to check on them.

Kolson, 10 months, was nowhere to be found, but 3-year-old Jackson pointed at the heating vent in the floor and said, “Baby in.”

"I've never felt fear quite like that," Reedy said. "I couldn’t hear him in there, but he was nowhere else to be found. So, I quickly called 911, panicking."

Coburg Police Chief Larry Larson says they were quite alarmed by the call. Police and firefighters arrived at the family’s home within minutes.

"That's a call that we haven't had before, so they troubleshot it real quick and figured out they gotta remove some flooring to get to the baby," Larson said.

Officer Kevin Wilson stripped to his pants and T-shirt to crawl under the house, where he found Kolson, 8 feet down the vent in the duct work. He lifted Kolson back up through the vent, so other officers could grab the baby.

Kolson wasn’t crying, and aside from a few scratches and being very dirty, he was completely fine.

"I've never felt so relieved. I'm pretty sure I was bawling," Reedy said.

The mother posted her experience online to warn other parents of the dangers of older heating vents. She says the family had been doing construction on their 1920s home and hadn’t screwed down the screen on the vent.

"I think we screwed that vent down immediately after the police left," Reedy said.

Days after the incident, Reedy took Kolson to the police station to thank Wilson. She says the picture of the two is getting a special spot in Kolson’s baby book.

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