BHK Child Development delivering wellness bags to over 400 students

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - BHK Child Development is looking to keep their students engaged by delivering wellness bags to each of their 400 attendees.

Items included range from educational to beach balls. Deliveries will be made today and tomorrow to each family throughout Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw Counties.

Kaine Sturgeon, Health Coordinator, says staff and teachers are excited to be able to see their students again.

"We have a lot of teachers coming in [and] helping,” Sturgeon said. “Say those last goodbyes to the students for the summer who are done with programming. We had people here this morning as early as eight o'clock, taking bags back to their staff for them to distribute throughout their day today."

The staff says they will follow social distancing guidelines by placing each bag on doorsteps and remaining six feet apart.

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