Aurora Homestead Rescue Squad holds annual Mud Run

Published: Aug. 7, 2016 at 8:18 PM EDT
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“You've got to try it, and once you try it you're hooked,” says Angela Leiphart, a driver in the Mud Run.

Once a lot of these drivers got behind the wheel of one of these trucks it became their hobby and now they are hooked on mud runs.

“It’s a challenge for operators and their machines to get through the 180 foot long pit,” says Jeff Rickaby, President of Aurora Homestead Rescue Squad. “At the end of the pit it's 6 feet deep of solid mud.”

This mud run is the annual fundraiser for the Aurora Homestead Rescue Squad. There were over 80 trucks competing Sunday from all over the Midwest.

“There are trucks ranging from standard street trucks here today all the way up to 1200 horse power trucks,” says Rickaby.

Many drivers came to win like they did last year while others come to compete at the what they think is the best pit.

“It’s a Chevy F-10 small block motor run, and I’m looking forward to winning today,” says Adam Tom, a driver who won last year and is competing again this year.

“This is like the 3rd run we've been to this year, I think and I think this is the best pit we have seen all year,” says Leiphart. “I ended up going 72 feet so that was a lot of fun.”

To the drivers, it was all about time and distance.

“The first goal is try to make it through the pit so trucks are judged on distance first,” says Rickaby. “Then the number of trucks that got through the pit are judged on who got through it the fastest.”

The Homestead Rescue Squad are hoping to raise around 5,000 to 10,000 dollars Sunday like they have done in the past.

“You can tell it’s a community thing where everybody pulls together to makes it great for the rescue squad,” says Leiphart.