Attorney General Dana Nessel gives remarks at U.P. State Fair

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Attorney General Dana Nessel gave remarks on senior abuse at the U.P. State Fair on Tuesday - senior day.

Nessel says she has created an Elder Abuse Task Force, to reduce the amount of exploitation and abuse that senior citizens face. She says there are 73,000 cases of senior abuse each year.

The task force is action oriented, with 9 initiatives, 50 senior advocacy groups, and bipartisan legislative support. Legislation to help these efforts is expected to be introduced in September.

Some of those efforts include reforming guardian training and certification, reviewing the emergency petition process for guardianship, limiting the number of wards per guardian, statutory basic rights for family members, and reviewing the process of removing an elder from their home to be put in a care facility.

"Far too many people are removed from their homes and placed into facilities unnecessarily. We can prevent that from happening. Sometimes people just need some help, you don't need to necessarily remove them from the rest of their life," says Nessel. "There are other things you can do to assist people."

She also spoke about the consumer protection division.

"We handle tens of thousands of consumer complaints every year, and many unfortunately involve older adults," says Nessel.

Some of these complaints include phone scams, where callers will pretend to be a grandchild in need to get them to send money, or a false social security exam.

Robocalls were another topic of conversation, and are something the attorney general is working to get rid of.

Attorney General Nessel hopes that by working with police forces, the federal government, and the public to educate, senior exploitation will decrease.

If you are undergoing scam calls or robocalls, be sure to report them to the attorney general's office, or the Federal Trade Commission.