As election looms, state wants Flint water deal by Tuesday

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FLINT, Mich. (AP) - The state of Michigan wants the mayor of Flint to sign a 30-year deal for water next week.

The state on Friday asked a judge to give that power to Mayor Karen Weaver no later than Tuesday, bypassing the city council. It's the latest move in a dispute over the best long-term options for Flint's drinking water.

Tuesday also is critical because it's the day that Weaver faces a recall election.

Federal Judge David Lawson had ordered the Flint council to come up with a long-term water source by Oct. 23. Instead, the council asked for more time and chose a two-year deal. That didn't satisfy the judge.

Flint is recovering from a lead contamination crisis caused by improper water treatment when it was using the Flint River. The state sued Flint earlier this year, seeking to force a 30-year deal with the Great Lakes Water Authority.

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