'Art in the Alley' returns to Munising for third year

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MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - The Munising community can once again enjoy ‘Art in the Alley’ as the gallery is now open for the public to view.

This is the third year Alger County Chamber and Munising Downtown Development Authority showcased the more than 70 pieces of art as part of their place making project.

‘Art in the Alley’ also features green space, cafe lighting at night and metal art installations.

"The people, the visitors that have come over the years love that alley, and they love some of the other art installations we have in town whether it's the historical walk or the murals and I think it's important especially now to display these kinds of things,” said Kathy Reynolds, the Executive Director for Alger County Chamber and Munising Downtown Development Authority.

If you haven't already, Reynolds again encourages people to explore the gallery, and other projects they're doing in town.