Art has the ability to help heal

Published: Apr. 17, 2017 at 8:05 PM EDT
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"Tonight is the reception for our photography competition called 'The Inspiring U.P.' We have some emerging artist and some student artists and some of our master artists so it's a nice way to bring people together" says William Bonifas Fine Arts Center, Director Pasqua Warstler.

With 40 artist from across the U.P., the Bonifas Center has put together an impressive show but the coolest thing may be who is buying a lot of the pieces.

Lindsey Stears is a community relations specialist with OSF Hospitals and told me about the purchase. "OSF is committed to both the spiritual, physical and emotional care of our patients and the artwork here really encompasses that. Whether it be just making someone distracted while they are in a waiting room and making them less nervous or some of the pieces we've discussed and said 'wow this one is really mesmerizing. A patient could get lost in that photo.'"

OSF has purchased almost thirty pieces for their new Gladstone clinic that opens later this year.

"You go to the Mayo Clinic and you'll see beautiful original artwork, you'll hear people on the baby grand and you'll hear a harpist so it's that mind and body connection to spirit." says Warstler. "We could also say that good art is good medicine."

Photographer Michael Hall is happy about the two pieces he has heading to the clinic and thinks it's good that art can serve a purpose beyond just being good to look at .

"Visiting hospitals you see all kinds of artwork around and it makes me feel really good that my pieces are in there too to help people deal with what they are dealing with and to see things that are inspiring to them. Hopefully it helps them emotionally."