Annual Train Show chugs its way back to Florence County for its 10th year

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FLORENCE, Wi. (WLUC) - The engine was chugging and the whistles certainly were blowing bright and early Saturday morning for the 10th Annual Train Show.

Commonly referred around town as the "train people," Melissa Lison says due to her husband's love for trains, they were inspired to show other people and hopefully, get them into a hobby as well.

"It's been a life-long hobby of him and he wants to start kids now and get them into a hobby that they'll -play that's not on the phone, not a video game ... it's an interactive toy they can play with,” she said.

But, it's more than just the trains. This annual event brings the community together to fellowship and have a good time with one another.

"The community comes out for it. They give thousands of dollars to the community in trains, they are train enthusiasts, known as the train people and they're just very generous with their time and their donations to the library,” said Florence County Library Director, Stephanie Weber.

They knew it had to be extra special, especially since it’s their 10th year. Along with having their own personal train on display for children to play with, they also provided cupcakes, and even little cars and sticker books so every child could walk home with something this year.

"We're very proud, very happy,” said Lison. “This is something we look forward to every year.”

As well as a raffle for children to win trains to put around their Christmas tree.

"It is awesome and very unexpected because I usually never win anything,” said Micah Flunker, one of the raffle winners.

“It feels really good to win something though."

Florence County library says they're thankful to have people like the Lisons in their community, and can't wait to what's in store next year.