Annual Bioathlon Competition returns to MTU

Published: May. 8, 2019 at 7:18 PM EDT
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On Wednesday, UP high school students received a hands-on learning experience at Michigan Tech University.

Students dissected turtles, while others applied their knowledge in the classroom at the 30th Annual Bioathlon Competition.

By having this event, students are exposed to different biology skills.

"It's really important to expose high school students to a variety of different topics in biology, things that maybe they aren't able to get exposed to during high school,” said Event Organizer Travis Wakeham.

“There's a lot of different challenges in our world and a lot of them are related to biology, so this gives them the opportunity to find that passion and hopefully, solve problems," he added.

Event organizers ended the day-long competition with an awards ceremony for the students.

Calumet High School came in first place, Negaunee in second and Houghton in third.