'And Put Up a Parking Lot' tour details Marquette building history

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Historical storyteller and radio personality Jim Koski gave a historical tour of Marquette's parking lots on Wednesday.

The tour, 'And Put Up a Parking Lot' kicked off at the Marquette Regional History Center at 6:30 p.m.

Koski led a group of over 50 people through 12 square blocks of downtown Marquette, reviewing both beloved and forgotten-about history in the city.

"When Marquette first became a city back in the 1840s, there were no cars, so obviously no parking lots," says Koski. "And a lot of classic buildings were torn down over the next 150 years in order to make room for cars and for parking lots."

Tour goers learned about 21 spots along the tour, including an entire road now replaced by parking, and a railroad that used to run through Rosewood Walkway.

Koski says he often gets questions about building history of the city, so he put together an entire tour talking about buildings that used to be standing where parking lots now reside.

"I love giving these tours, there are so many strange, bizarre and quirky facts about Marquette that you dig up over the years of research and this is just one of the ways to share them with people," says Koski. "Plus, you get to walk around downtown Marquette on a night when it's not raining and that's always a cool thing."

The tour was free with a suggested donation of $5.