An Iron River man prepares for Diesel Power Challenge 2019

IRON RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) - Time is ticking away fast as Bradley Sankey prepares for Diesel Power Challenge 2019. Through June 2 through June 6, Sankey will be competing in his 2005 Chevy Silverado truck in Denver, Colorado.

"For the competition we are getting the trucks put back together, or the main truck put back together. Just doing some maintenance on my tow vehicle. Over the winter, we had to put a new turbo charger on the truck, a second fuel injection pump, and redo the low pressure fuel supply system,” said Sankey.

Sankey says he has been enhancing his truck all year long.

"It's got an upgraded engine, internals to allow it to hold the power, upgraded fuel injectors that give it a lot more fuel to make more power, much bigger turbo that forces air into the engine- more air equals more power,” explained Sankey.

To be entered into the competition, truck owners submitted a picture and biography to Diesel Power magazine. From there, the magazine picked 28 trucks for the public to vote on. The top nine will compete in the competition against last year’s winner, totaling ten Diesel Power Challenge finalists.

"To win there are a couple events and each one is scored out of 100 points. There’s a fuel economy test, a dynamometer test that will measure the horsepower and torque of the vehicle, a trailer obstacle course where the fastest time around the obstacle course pulling an 11000 lb. trailer wins.”

The winner gets a prize package from AMS Oil and a cash prize.