Alzheimer's Association hosts workshop on discussing dementia in loved ones

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A workshop was held Thursday at Brookridge Heights Assisted Living on how to face dementia and Alzheimer’s in your loved ones.

This is part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts towards raising awareness for Alzheimer’s Awareness month. You can show your support by wearing purple through June. The workshop went over the ways to have honest and caring conversations regarding doctor visits, legal and financial planning, and driving.

“It's really important to have these hard conversations early because, with the disease, we know it's going to rob them of their legal capacity at some point,” said Lindsay Juricek, Alzheimer’s Association Regional Manager. “And so, to especially make sure that we are able to make our own financial and legal decisions on who's the most important person to take care of us.”

This is the first presentation of 23 that will be in Upper Michigan. For a full list of workshops check the related links section.

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