Always allergy season in the UP

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 50 million Americans suffer from various types of allergies every single year.

Everyone knows someone with allergies, but no one seems to know how to get rid of the allergy symptoms. But first, it’s important to know the different types of allergies.

"There are different types of environmental allergies, there are pollen allergies and winter allergies, such as indoor allergens such as dust mites, molds, animals,” said Dr. Bobby Joseph, an allergist.

In the Upper Peninsula, we have very long winters, so indoor allergies tend to be much more prominent. And, though our pollen season is short, it’s intense.

“Right now if you look outside, even though it's mid-May, there are small patches of snow on the ground but the tree pollen counts are high,” said Dr. Joseph. “Even though the trees are not totally pollinating, pollen gets carried hundreds of miles.”

And the effects are not pretty. They can include stuffy, itchy, runny nose, itchy eyes, and the general feeling of having a cold.

Dr. Joseph says taking a shower at the end of the day can help reduce the side effects of allergies.

"That way you can sleep comfortably and keep pollen off of your body before you go to bed."

Other things you can do is keep your windows closed, use air conditioning, be outside when pollen counts are the low, typically late afternoon or early evening, or possibly use over the counter medications.

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