Alternative heart medicine becoming main stream

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - February is heart month. This is an opportunity for organizations such as the American Heart Association to highlight the importance of cardiovascular health.

At U.P Holistic Medicine, Dr. Scott Doughty is doing just that through a clinical trial. Focusing on secondary prevention, his goal is to reduce heart attacks, stokes, and death using chelation therapy.

"The clinical trial that we are involved with is called ‘TACT – 2’ and TACT stands for trial to assess chelation therapy. It's the second trial of its kind. Thus the number two,” said Dr. Doughty. "What chelation therapy is, is the binding of heavy metal. In or in this case, specifically lead and cadmium and some other toxins that have been shown to have an impact on blood vessel health and there for the clogging of arteries."

This worldwide trial is even using 5 local patients.

"There are seven clinical sites in the state of Michigan. These include Henry Ford Hospital, Wayne State, the University of Michigan, and little ol' U.P. Holistic Medicine, which is looking like the 'Little Engine That Could,' because we are right behind Henry Ford Hospital in the number of participants."

Dr. Doughty, who’s also the vice president of the International College of Integrated Medicine, always stresses to his patients that in order to keep the heart healthy, you need to keep your entire body active.

"Exercise is probably one of the best forms of medicine, not just for heart health, but for overall," Dr. Doughty said.

Dr. Doughty will be heading downstate next month for a cardiovascular conference to show what he's learned and to represent the Upper Peninsula.

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