Agreement reached on $18,709 Ishpeming water bill

ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - On Tuesday afternoon, a decision was made regarding the reconciliation of an Ishpeming family's nearly $19,000 water bill.

Ashley and Matt Cody received the $18,709 bill in April, but now, they have some relief.

"We are very appreciative that it was brought to a special meeting and that it wasn’t going to be held off again or put to the side,” Ashley Cody said.

The water bill discussion was pushed to the beginning of the council’s agenda. Council Member Pat Scanlon almost immediately made a motion to bill the Codys for only what it costs the city for the nearly one million gallons of water to pass through the water meter.

"We need to make this right," said Scanlon

The motion passed with a 3-2 vote. The Codys will have to pay what it cost for the water to go through the meter, which will be approximately $2,500.

The payment will be over a 12-month period, interest free, and will also include the cost of a new electric water meter to be installed.

"We absolutely agree with what was done. We think that the city is extremely accommodating to us," Cody said.

The exact cost for what the Codys will be billed still needs to be worked out, the council said.

There was no agreement reached on passing a “catastrophic water loss” ordinance within the City of Ishpeming due to potential effects pertaining to recent state discussions and bills on mandatory home and water inspections.

This is a developing story. TV6 and FOX UP will continue to monitor any updates.

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