Aftermath of Wednesday's storm ongoing

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Wednesday's storm has come and gone, but now there's a mess to clean.

Wednesday’s storm was and still is a headache for some people in the Upper Peninsula, and even for those coming from downstate.

"I traveled on Wednesday and it was pretty hairy for a while,” said Holiday traveler, Brandon Warlin.

These were the conditions for Warlin as he made his way from Traverse City to Marquette to see his daughter for Thanksgiving.

"I was at work in Harvey when he was driving in, and Harvey was terrible. Everyone's power was out so it was scary knowing that he was driving through all of that,” said Mackenzie Warlin, Brandon Warlin’s daughter.

Thankfully, Warlin made it safely to his daughter.

But there are many people throughout the Upper Peninsula still overcoming Wednesday’s nasty mess from down power lines and outages to even closed roads due to lakeshore erosion.

"Fair to Hawley Street is closed right now, from Fair Avenue to Wright Street, we have some stabilization going on - we're putting some rocks on the shore to stabilize things, and then from Wright Street to Hawley Street, we were already planning on redoing that road in the Spring,” said Marquette Mayor, Jenna Smith.

The city plans to replace damaged life guard stands by next summer, too.

"I spoke with city staff and it sounds like we will be able to salvage that,” she said.

This upcoming weekend snow storm could affect these areas again, but the city says they will work through it.

In the meantime, they're asking people to avoid these places and for people, like Warlin, to use caution when driving for the next storm ahead.

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